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Montana Funeral Directors Association

Montana Licensing Requirements

37-19-302. License required for practice of mortuary science -- qualifications of applicants. (1) The practice of embalming or mortuary science by anyone who does not hold a mortician's license issued by the board is prohibited. A person 18 years of age or older wishing to practice mortuary science in this state must apply to the board on the form and in the manner prescribed by the board. (2) To qualify for a mortician's license, a person must: (a) be of good moral character; (b) have graduated from an accredited college or university with an associate degree, certificate, or diploma in mortuary science; (c) have earned in subjects prescribed by the board an additional 30 semester or 45 quarter credits from an accredited college or university that have not been applied toward the requirements in subsection (2)(b); (d) pass an examination prescribed by the board; and (e) serve a 1-year internship under the supervision of a licensed mortician in a licensed mortuary after passing the examination provided for in subsection (2)(d). (3) A person who fails the examination required in subsection (2)(d) may retake it under conditions prescribed by rule of the board.

List of Prescribed courses

(a) (b) a certified transcript of 30 semester credits credit hours or, if courses are offered on a quarter calendar, 45 quarter credits credit hours sent directly to the board office from a college or university accredited by a regional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education; in any of the following subjects:

(i) accounting;

(ii) business;

(iii) computer applications;

(iv) communications/speech;

(v) English; (vi) history;

(vii) mathematics;

(viii) psychology; 19-10/15/15 MAR Notice No. 24-147-37 -1606-

(ix) religion;

(x) sociology;

 (xi) education;

(xii) biological sciences; or

 (xiii) other subjects germane to the practice of mortuary science.

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